Monday, November 17, 2008

Shark v Preds, Take 2

Here we are again. Facing the ever annoying Predators. Last game the Sharks took their foot off the gas and let the Preds take home a win. It was also the Sharks first home loss this season. Going into this game, the Sharks have a power play that's finally coming online, scoring coming from everywhere, and the desire to beat the Preds in front of their home crowd.
Mmmmmmmmmm possible payback.

Could this be Greiss' fist start in goal?

Will Ellis let ANYTHING into his net?

Will Arnott once again remind us that's he's annoyingly good, especially against the Sharks?

Tune in at 5pm to find out!

No one ever wants to see a player get injured. We might not like Arnott on the ice, but we respect him and hope he's alright.

I was a bit miffed at the VERY FEW Nashville fans who booed as most of the Sharks left the ice. You've got a man down, now is not the time to boo the other guys.

In case your wondering, the hit wasn't intentional. Joe and Arnott were flying hard toward the net, and Joe Pa, off balance, nailed Arnott, who was also off balance who sailed over Boucher and into the bottom of the net, head first. Never good no matter how it happens. No need to call for Joe Pa's head though. It wasn't malicious, it was just a terrible series of events. I'd see it the same if it was the other way around.

Fear the Fin lets us know that Arnott is alright. Thanks to FTF and On The Forecheck for that news.

POST GAME RECAP: The Minako version

(Gray has a Everest sized pile of laundry to deal with tonight (me, I just ignore my laundry until I run out of clean clothes))

Well my oh my, that was a game wasn't it. It definitely played much closer than one would think a 4-1 game would. It was nice to see the Sharks continue to play hard for most of the game (certainly more of the game than they did in Chicago) minus those few minutes halfway into the 3rd. Nashville certainly played as hard as was expected, but in playing physical they made a lot of mistakes that landed them in the penalty box. There were 3.5 fights which is something Sharks fans are growing to expect from Nashville games.

The power play was still a little sketch after being amazing against the Flames (4 for 9) and very, very good against the Blackhawks (4 for 6). It will be interesting to see which power play is the real Sharks power play: the one of those 2 games or the 16% or so that they had been going at before playing out of their minds. I'm hoping those two games were a sign of good things to come and that this game was an aboration. But I'm probably wrong.

Sharks are off until Saturday when they will unveil their snazy new black third jersey. I will be there with my brother (Ovechkin is pretty much his favorite player so this is an early Christmas present) and since I have the next week off, I should be able to get pictures up soon(er).

Yay Sharks!

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