Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sharks v Preds

Yes, that is a Predator. Why do you ask?

What is it about the Preds that makes Sharks fan cringe? Is it those two post season match ups? The fact that they have played a tad dirty against the Sharks in the past? Is it that fact that their goalies always seemed to have some anti Shark force field around their nets? I'm not sure what it is, but what I am certain of is that there is a bit of a rivalry going on with these team and that tends to lead to interesting hockey games.

The Preds are coming in at 6-7-1, which doesn't really mean anything. Compare that to Dallas at 5-7-2 and then think about how the Sharks played Saturday night. The Coyotes are 7-6-0 for reference. As I said, the stats don't mean much other than each team has won and lost games, albeit at different rates.

Always a show when the Preds come to town, be sure to tune in.

If you didn't catch them yesterday, be sure to read the announcements in the post below.

Boyle is out tonight. He and his wife welcomed their daughter to the world this morning. Congrats to the Boyles. And the Shelley's who also recently had a baby.

Everyone has poppies on tonight. I'm assuming that's for Veteran's Day. (Armistice or Remembrance Day to our non US based friends) In the US, poppies are more commonly seen around Memorial Day, so, forgive us if we seem a tad confused by their presence.

Seto gets the first goal after 19 shots for the Sharks. They did have a goal waved off earlier in the period after the ref lost sight of it.

There was a 4 on 3 for a bit (which is when the above mentioned puck went in after the whistle) that was kind of awesome.

Ehrhoff was nailed in the faced by a puck, but appears to be ok.

Patty has been doing all he can to get a puck in the net, but Ellis is doing all he can to stop him. He's very effective at his job. He stops 21 shots to end the first.

Shots are 43-18, but it's a 2-1 game. Math fail.

Blake got the second tally for the Sharks towards the end of the period while on the power play. His goal was answered by shortly after by Arnott, one of my least favorite players, because he's a Shark killer. (nothing personal, sir, you're just annoyingly good against the Sharks) Boucher made a rare bobble while trying to adjust and Arnott was able to get the shot in. Randy Hahn said 5 hole. I'll go with that.

You can tell how much the Sharks are missing Boyle on the power play.

That was a weird second. There was a Sharks power play, 4-4 and Preds power play, all within the same 3.5 minutes.

Someone tried to check Douglas Murray. Hope they had fun with that.

Obviously a lot of good chances for the Sharks, but Ellis has that anti Shark force field going on.

My cat just tried to publish a post. Maybe I should let him handle the third period summary.


o hai! i gray's kitteh. i r doig dis parte.

preditours skor but was off teh sides by mile. refs no cal it. i dun no y.

tasty sharks skor rite aftr. Seto gets 2nd goal of game.

den, i fights wif mai broddur and miss sum of game.

pucks look nomable but iz not. dis make me hungy. i go take nom break.

den preditours go on teh powa play and skor. booshay try to save but fal down and it go in off rebownd. I no blames him. he no has cat like reflckses.

tasty sharks go on powa play but not dos much. spend 2 much timez in der zones.

bad turn ovar by bigger joe. preditours almost skors but doez notz

tootoo tried to hit teh duglas murry. he fals on tasty shark bench. mebe shuld have ben penaltees.

dis gamez going to overtimez. wil be late night 4 kittehs.


tasty sharks has gud chance but preditorus skor to winz game. I nao go nom on piece of papers i foundz. has gud nite!

Gray chimes back in: preds win 4-3 in OT.
Now, here's an animated blast from your past that is sort of Veteran's Day topicalish.
Hopefully, unlike me, you'll be able to actually watch it instead of being distracted by how off model Linus looks at times and the utter simplicity of the mouths. There is also linkage to part 1 if you feel like reliving the entire half hour special.


Will R. said...

Haha. I was actually looking forward to this cartoon and yesterday I found myself wondering how you'd pull it off. Congrats on the move. Will the gameday pics & previews move with you and continue over there?

Gray said...

We won't be doing game day posts there as we'd quickly overrun the site. We'll still be posting here on a regular basis, game day and otherwise, but we'll also be posting on HLOG.

Steph said...

Man I think it's just something about the Preds. I always groan when I find out we have to play them yet AGAIN.