Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sharks v Flames

This is not a game I'll be able to keep my normal objectivity for. To put it simply, I don't like the Flames. Last year's seven game round one extravaganza was a nail biter of epic proportions. Not having to face them again for a season or so would have been fine by me.

Every time Calgary comes to town, people start talking about the Kiprusoff trade. As Mina so eloquently puts it, "He couldn't win a starting job. He went to Canada and came back a different man." That's pretty much all there is to it. Considering it's 2008 and that trade happened in 2003, the statue of limitations on freaking out about it has expired. Time to let it go.

Well, that was...awesome!

Sharks win 6-1. It was a pizza night for all at the Tank!

Milan Michalek tried his best to get a hat trick, but was held to two goals.

Joe Pavelski also had two goals. (Joe Pa!)

Patty and Big Joe joined in on the goal scoring party.

Sharks got four of their 6 goals on the power play. Hello effectiveness!

Ehrhoff and Blake both had three assists.

The Sharks D was on fire!

Boosh was fanatastic. I'm so glad we picked him up last season.


GeneralDisarray said...

Don't forget San Jose drafted Vlasic with the pick acquired in the Kiprusoff trade. I think both clubs came out ahead in the end.

Aces Papa said...

Has anyone seen the lastest voting stats for the All Star Game? Zero Sharks forwards are on the team, let alone the starting line up. Boyle is in 7th amongst D men and Nabby is in 3rd in goalies. I'll admit that Nabby isn't having an All Star caliber year but he's the only one who is likely to make the team. This is the Silicon Valley, home of Tech, hacking, programing and Teal Town USA. I'm not saying we should create a program that will stuff the ballot box (read: hell yes we should!!!), but the least we can do is vote. Nightly at the Tank we fill 17,496 seats but no Sharks player has more than 10,000 votes. You are allowed to vote as many times as you would like so if everyone that attends the games votes twice, we would have over 30,000 votes in no time. Not to mention all the fans watching at home or in bars. Lets go people! We can make the starting line-up Sharks vs Habs in Montreal!!

PS: If you want to write in Gouch use: Devin Setoguchi [id: 8471682] Ehrhoff use: Christian Ehrhoff [id: 8469555]. I feel these are two guys who have broken out this year and deserve some recognition.

Gray said...

I'd love to vote for the Sharks, but the site refuses to load for me.

If you can vote, vote early and often and vote SETO!