Monday, November 3, 2008

Post Game Recap, Sharks v Avs

Mina's game day post was solid. Loved the pictures she chose too. Expect to see her cover a few more times until I get used to juggling my online store* and updates here. Because she did that, I'm handling the recap. I'm going to keep it pretty simple.

This was a decent game, despite it's problems. (Boy did it ever have problems.) It wasn't the most well played game by the Sharks, but it was one of the most entertaining in this young season. Colorado seemed dangerous to us going in. As Mina said, they can be streaky and you never know where it their next win or loss streak you're going to hit them. I have to admit I was thinking the Sharks were at risk of losing this one. At times in the thrid, the Sharks seemed keen on giving the game away, Luckily for them, and for us Sharks fans, they won.

Because you've all been patient with the lack of cartoons, here's your second one. Two in one day! WAT!

Yes. That is an evil snowman in a hockey helmet.

Special Election Day cartoon in tomorrow's game day post. I suggest checking in here AFTER you vote.

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