Saturday, May 2, 2009

Playoffs, Round 2, Day Whatever. This Game Is Early

How different life is when your team is out at the end of the first round. We're so used to have heart attacks by now, everything has been rendered horridly boring. Our journey came to a sudden and jarring end. We're still trying to figure out why games we want to see aren't on TV. Thankfully for us, it's Saturday and the game we've both been waiting for is FINALLY ON!

It's when?



Frak me.

Today @ 10am
wattehfrak NHL? We lazy west coasters aren't even up by ten on Saturday

Recapping yesterday's events:

The good thing about round 2 is it means I only have to draw 4 pictures, not 8. The bad part is the Sharks aren't in any of the 4.

It's safe to say the we at Couch Tarts have given up on the Western Conference entirely, however, Gray did watch some of the Wings v Ducks game, enough to feel very conflicted about the entire thing. She resorted to taunting the opposing team when the other team scored. That way, in her mind, everyone lost.

Brown had a hard hit on Hudler. He got 5 and a misconduct and was done for the night. Hudler got some stitches. Not going to wade into the suspension pond because it's not like hits are evaluated on any consistent basis with which one could make comparisons and educated guesses about suspendability*, ferociousness, etc. We'll leave such things to the peanut galleries of the involved teams and see what the league says.

The Wings won 3-2, by the way.


Bruins v Canes was also on, but only glimpses were shown until the completion of Wings v Ducks, at least if you were watching VERSUS. At that point Gray decided to take a nap as it was 4-1 Bruins, and it wasn't likely to be a very interesting finish. She may have been wrong, but after the Wings v Ducks game, unconsciousness sounded pretty darn good.

*probably not a word. I used it anyway

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