Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Conference Finals, Day 3. The West Returns

Today @ 4:30
Wings lead series 1-0

I was feeling somewhat underwhelmed by the though of a large building fighting a giant octomonster. I'm not sure why because that is like Rampage-esce gold right there, but for whatever reason it wasn't working for me. Since I planned to change my format for the last two rounds of the playoffs anyway, it gave me a chance to redesign the characters for each team.

The Hawks was an obvious choice, but I did waffle between in and some version of the Blackhawks logo. For some reason, something lovecraftian seemed appropriate for our perennially annoyingly good winged foes.

But enough of that. I do like to go into artist mode, but that's not what you came here for.

Canes got spanked. Doesn't look that way on the scoreboard but they were outplayed.

The Pens were like a force of nature last night. They showed some weakness in the second, but were otherwise dominant. Watching that one goal trickle in past Ward was painful. The only time I enjoy seeing shots like that go in are when they are against whoever the Sharks are playing. MAF was solid. Ward looked vunerable at times, but settled down pretty well and looked pretty good after that.

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