Friday, May 29, 2009

The Summer Wind, Comes Blowing In

With the SCF quickly approaching, you may be wondering what fun and frivolities will be providing you with this summer. Allow me to give you a summary of some the things will be working on:

A new Couch Tart will be joining us! Look for her to appear soon!

Gray is working on learning Dreamweaver, with the hopes of designing an even more awesome site. We'll see how that goes.

Draft coverage. It's boring, but we'll be there.

Potential NHL award coverage. I say potential because listening to the terrible attempts at humor will likely make our ears bleed. That, and it's BORING!

Reaction and coverage of off season moves.

Linkage to anything that seems interesting and Sharks related.

Some rambling about sytycd. Something has to fill the hockey void, and we're girls. We like dancing.

And of course, art.

Stay tuned folks! We'll help get you through the summer doldrums!

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