Sunday, May 31, 2009

SCF, Day 2, Game 2

Today @ 5pm
Wings lead series 1-0
I found myself missing Versus

A few of us had a discussion last night about Versus and their NHL coverage. Apparently a lot of the problems with it stem from format. From what I heard last night, they actually have some guys who really know their stuff, but they aren't given any time to say anything useful. It's all short, generic sound bites. Maybe that's the point. Ease new fans into it. I don't know.

NBC, on the other hand, acts like covering hockey is doing the NHL a favor. (Credit to SwisherThresher for that line) I'm sure they have a pretty decent team that does like hockey, but the way the network handles scheduling is just atrocious. Yep, we're still annoyed they pre-empted a game for horse racing. But the coverage is what it is, and it's nice to have the games on TV here in the States. I do appreciate that.

Post Game Recap:

Remember what i said about the hockey gods being unpredictable?


The Pens played better, hand more chances, better chances, but the puck would just not go in the net. I've seen games like that as a Sharks fan, albeit in the regular season, so I can kinda of sympathize. But not really. This is the SCF. That's just brutal.

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Usually Frustrated Caps Fan said...

I really do hate the NBC coverage - I'm thinking about getting a big dish just so I can get the Canaian feeds directly...