Sunday, May 24, 2009

Conference Finals, Day 7. The SCF Starts WHEN?!

Today @ noon
Wings lead series 2-1 says Huet may be in. This is why you get and keep two number one goalies, right?

Havlat also uncertain. This is likely because he got knocked into next Wednesday, and is waiting for game 5 to start.

I'm not sure if it was because he was still dazed or because hockey players really are that tough, but after Havlat made his way back to the bench following Kronwall's hit, he sat down as if he expected to play another shift. The trainer had to tap him and get him to move back to the locker room. Guy gets knocked into the future and he still wants to play. Major points right there.

In other news:

Is anyone happy with the SCF schedule? I vote no.

Pens 6, Canes 2. Me thinks someone wants another run at the Cup. Can all make sure it's against Chicago, please?

We didn't mention this because, well, it's JR being JR. Was his timing bad? Yep. But has that ever stopped him before? Nope.

We've also been very fortunate to not have too much crazy JR while he's been in SJ. DW keeps him reigned in, and aside from a few comments here and there, he's been good. JR is just an emotional guy. It's part of the reason we love him here. He wears his heart on his sleeve and says what he thinks. This isn't always a positive, but he always been that way and he's not going to change now. I accept this and move on. Also, he apologized.

The Sharks will be having their annual store sale at the end of the SCF. Who wants to let me pretend I'm a season ticket holder?

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