Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Conference Finals, Day 9. Will There be Handshakes Tonight?

Today @ 4:30pm
Wings lead series 3-1
Hand shakes tonight?

As I sit here on a sunny morning, listening to the sounds of construction outside, I wonder how we got here.

It is as if the Hockey Gods decided to have a bit of fun with us. If that's the case, than I think we can safely assume they may continue to be mischievous. There is the potential that they will reward the Pens for bucking tradition and touching the Prince of Whales trophy. There is also the possibility that they won't. No predicting what they'll do this year.

Crosby had a good point, they didn't touch the trophy last year and they lost. Bathe with that thing if it gets you the Cup, I say.

The Versus guys nearly peed themselves when Crosby picked it up, skated over the Malkin and Gonchar, and the three posed for pictures. I spent the entire time wondering if the trophy handler ever drops the goods, and how many players have dropped the trophies over the years. I know at least one has fallen apart. If holding the prize is bad juju, I can only imagine what having it fall apart in your hands means.

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Kate said...

I was especially worried because Malkin almost dropped his shoot-out trophy during the photo op at the All-Star Awards!

For someone with such good hockey hands, he's kinda ... fumble-y.