Thursday, May 7, 2009

Playoffs, Round 2, Day 8

Today @ 5pm
Canucks lead series 2-1

Today @ 7:30pm
Duckies lead 2-1

Lot going on today. The Coyotes will be in court today @ 1pm MST. That will give everyone their first hint about how ugly this battle could get.

Last night's Lost was epic. In this corner we have the "Man of Faith." In the other corner we have they mysterious Other controlling force known as "Jacob." Who will win this amazing battle?

Reader: You know this is a HOCKEY blog, right?

Gray: Yes, but I just imagine Locke and Jacob in hockey gear fighting it out on the ice. That makes it relevant.

Reader: ...

So was the Caps/Pens game. This series is just insane. Can they duke it out in round 3 too, please? It ended up going to OT after a crazy last minute goal by the Caps to tie the game. I've been there, Pens fans. I know how much it sucks to taste victory and they realize it was really the bottom of some old, mouldy shoe that had been kicking you in the mouth. The Pens ended up winning in OT, making it a 2-1 series.

Boston and Carolina went to OT as well. I didn't get to see much of this game because it was on concurrently with the Pens/Caps VS broadcast, and while I could have found a way to watch it, two games at once is a bit much for me. VS switched over to show us the OT period and it was some crazy pressure in Carolina's zone before pig pox hit and a goal ended up in the net behind Cylon Tim Thomas. (still waiting on that list of names, dear readers) He was not a happy man. Canes now lead that series 2-1.

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Robin said...

It's hard to name cylons 'cause they are so consistent in their skills/personality and hockey is such a game of ups/downs (see Hiller.)

Although Getzlaf and Perry are in the running. Maybe Ovie? and/or Crosby?