Saturday, May 30, 2009

SCF, Day 1, Game 1

Today @ 5pm
Is it wrong that I kinda prefer Versus to NBC?

So here we are. Our long journey has come to an end. The Stanley Cup Finals.

I really want to be excited about this match up. It's two teams of titans squaring off in what should be an epic rematch of last year's finals. I'd love to see the Pens be the better team this time around, and take home the Cup, and yet, that spark of excitement just isn't there for me. Maybe once the game starts things will change. I don't know. I'll be watching regardless of my enthusiasm level. It's like the World Series or the Super Bowl. You kinda have to watch.

Post Game Recap:

Well. That was...well, it just kinda was. The goals were all kinda fluky, no spectacular saves, (though there were a few spectacular how did that not go in moments) no big hits, and towards the end both teams seemed very aware of the fact that they be playing again in less that 24 hours. The saddest and simultaneously most hilarious moment was when MAF "pooped" the goal into his net.

I was watching in a hockey bar with other fans and that was probably the best part of my watching experience. Talking and hanging out with other fans during the game. I kinda hope game 2 is better. It wasn't a bad game, it just felt a little lackluster to me. Let me put it this way. The reaction to Access Hollywood coming on after the game was more passionate the the teams appeared to be towards the end. Yeah.

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